# Generate WiFi Credential QRCode Card

# Overview

It's a good practice to set a random sequence of characters for your WiFi password, such as 1k3dk038dkd077xlsqosal3.

It'd be an issue for your guest though - It's hard for them to type these annoying characters.

To solve this problem, you can print out a QRCode and stick it in front of your fridge. Whoever visiting your house can simply scan the QRCode and connect to your WiFi.

# WiFi-Credential-Card Flow

flow "wifi-credential-qrcode" {

  variable "ssid" {
    default = "default"

  variable "password" {
    default = "default"

  variable "encryption" {
    default = "WPA2"

  variable "output" {
    default = "/tmp/credential.png"

  task "hcl2_template" "login" {
    source = "WIFI:S:${var.ssid};T:${var.encryption};P:${var.password};;"

  task "qrcode_generate" "card" {
    data = task.hcl2_template.login.content
    filename = var.output
Click me to view run output


$ runflow run examples/wifi_credential_qrcode.hcl --var output=print.png
[2021-07-13 15:37:11,876] "task.hcl2_template.login" is started.
[2021-07-13 15:37:11,876] "task.hcl2_template.login" is successful.
[2021-07-13 15:37:11,876] "task.qrcode_generate.card" is started.
[2021-07-13 15:37:11,946] "task.qrcode_generate.card" is successful.

Got it! Now scan the file print.png using your Phone camera and have it a try.